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Chiapas, located in the south of the Yucat√°n peninsula and in the southeast of the Mexican Republic, is the southernmost of all states in Mexico. Bordering to the west to the state of Oaxaca, to the northwest to the state of Veracruz and to towards the north Chiapas borders the state of Tabasco. To the southwest Chiapas borders with the Pacific Ocean and to the south with the nations Guatemala and Belize. Subdivided in 118 municipalities Chiapas largest city as well as capital is Tuxtla Gutierrez. The states climate is very humid and hot, due to its location. The rain forrests and fertile grounds provide good conditions for agriculture, the most important economic resource for Chiapas. Tourism is as well an important factor, as the coastal area is very beautiful and ancient ruins like the Maya city of Palenque are very attractive for travelers. Tourism suffered a little, as the EZLN fights, actually in a non violent way, for Chiapas independence.

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