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Distrito Federal, the federal district, often also called Mexico City, is not a state like the other states of the United States of Mexico. It is divided into 16 boroughs (delegaciones) which are not fully equivalent to the other states municipalities. The Distrito Federal is located in the Valley of Mexico at an altitude of about 2200 meters. Surrounded by the states of Mexico and Morelos, the district and parts of the surrounding states form Mexico City. The still growing, second largest city of the world is the political, cultural and economical center of the Mexican Republic. A wide range of industrial production, financial institutions, transport and many other industries make Mexico City one the most important business place in Latin America. The city was build over the city of Technochtitlan and already was the largest Aztec city of Mexico, before the arrival of the spaniards. The city including its surrounding metropolitan areas counts about 25 Millionen inhabitants, about the fifth part of the nations population.

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