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Alta Vista is an archeological site close to La Peñita de Jaltemba. (Locals call the place Chacalán.) Following the highway Mex 200 to the north (Las Varas), after about 3 kilometers, turns a way to the right. Using this way and the help of the person in a booth who will ask for a small fee, you will find the site after 2 more kilometers. Close to the site you will find several rocks with engraved symbols, about 20 or so. The site itself consists of several water pools and a cascade with volcanic rocks around. It is an impressive place which is used until today by indigenous people, the Cora. While you will hear many histories and myths about this place, the truth is, that archeologists do not know, who used it first or what the meaning of the nearby symbols is. Many people believe that the place was used by the Cora and or the Huichol since ancient times, but due to the fact that the symbols may be about 2000 or more years old, the archeologists have doubts about that. The Cora as well as the Huichol had been moving through western Mexico during the last 500 years, always trying to preserve their culture and not to be assimilated by the Spanish colonists. Where these two tribes settled originally 500 years ago is still not known. At least they use today the Alta Vista sacred site for some ceremonies and the site became an important part of their culture. Highly engaged esoteric people and Yoga fans which are in total contact with the earth spirits and so on bla bla bla, are sure that this place is one of the most important energetic points of the planet. They come by air and car and get in complete contact with the spirit of nature for a few minutes there. But, finally, everybody may believe what he wants, as far as he does not claim to know everything.

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