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Coamiles, located close to Tuxpan in Nayarit, features some pre Columbian structures which are worth a visit. The history of this ceremonial center goes back to a tribe called Sentispac with a settlement called Ayutuxpan in this area. This very important ceremonial center consists of about 40 structures, mostly organized huge rocks, decorated with more than 150 petroglyphs, engraved symbols on the rocks surface. Historians believe that these symbols represent natural phenomena and other information related to the pre-Columbian culture. Interesting is that some of the symbols are organized in rows, making the observer believe that it could be something like a language. The village of Coamiles is populated by about 3000 residents and depends on agriculture, located on an altitude of only 10 meters.

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Longitude: -105.254722

Latitude: 21.921667

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