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A real must-see in Nayarit is the village and island of Mexcaltitán. Located in the estuaries north of San Blas, the village with about 2000 residents is free of motorized vehicles and can only be reached through cheap water taxis. Mexcaltitán - Aztatlán became one of the modern Mexican myths, because today some scientists as well as historians believe that this is the legendary place named Aztlán where the Aztecs migration to present day Mexico City begun in 1091. Mexcaltitlán features a nice museum (closed on Mondays) which provides a huge amount of information about the pre-Columbian Mexico and the Aztec history. Together with some artifacts the museum seems to testify the new theory that Mexcaltitlán is long lost Aztlán. But it is quite interesting that this theory came up only during the 70ties, when the touristical interest regarding Nayarit begun to grow. Finally it is just a myth and there is no evidence which proves it. However, a visit to Mexcaltitlán is a must. Best time is end of June 28th and 29th, when the local residents celebrate an annual ceremony, wearing feather and jaguar costumes during a regatta to open the new shrimp season.

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Longitude: -105.475278

Latitude: 21.905833

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